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Connect Festival, Inveraray Update 3.

Tickets are now on sale again for the Connect Music Festival in Inveraray, Argyll. Get them here.
Also addded to the line up today was Mogwai, Nouvelle Vague and The Go! Team.

Things are looking up and up for the Festival, however a couple more hard hitters would be perfect. I’ll update is i find out more.



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Connect Festival, Inveraray Update 2.

So, the line up has been announced and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. BEASTIE BOYS!!!!! Damn, that was worth the 95 quid on its own. Also anounced was Primal Screen for the Saturday night and Bjork for the Sunday. All three are headliners on the Oyster stage, which is going to be Connects Main stage. Also Legendry Scots rockers The Jesus and Mary Chain have reformed and will play for the first time sinse the reform at Connect on the Friday evening. Other bads that have been listed are Idlewild, Fifer King Creosote, Old skool post punk group The Only Ones, Lcd Soundsystem and Brazillians CSS.

The other Stages that have been announced so far are Guitars and other Machines which host Scottish and UK band who are on the up and up, Manicured Noise which will be the festivals dance tent and the Unkown Pleasures tent which i think will be a nit of a theatre/ Cabaret tent. Theres also to be a whole field called Circuses and Brea, which i where most of the food stalls will be and interesting acts and art installations. Sounds interesting anyway.

I can’t wait till August, I’m pretty confident that the weekend will be awesome.

Connect takes place at Inveraray Castle, Argyll, Scotland.

Tickets are back on sale tommorow morning for the pricely some of 125.00 for the Weekend Camping and 50 quid a pop for a each day. Go here to get them. Good luck if your going to buy one and again if you hear anything let me know.


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I know I haven’t updated the blog in a few days, simply because i’ve been a bit pre-occupied recently. I am just about to move out of my old flat in Dundee and have been packing for that but also ended up with a new flat in Dunfermline, that i move into with my girlfriend on the 1st of May. So its all been rather exotic and exciting. Loads of updates to follow.

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Ghost Rider

I unexpectadly went to the cinema last night to see Ghost Rider after meeting my cousin on a shopping trip to Tesco.

The trailers for the film have been getting me excited about the feature for sometime now even though the first trailer seemed to have a Ghost Rider with an extreme case of bobble head syndrome.

Never been a huge fan of the Ghost Rider comics but have read enough to see that although they kinda got him looking right and Nicholas Cage played a half decent Johnny Blaze, there was something lacking in the whole war between Heaven and Hell, much in the similar way they seemed to miss the pont int the Spawn movie.

Infact, this film is very similar in theme and plot to the Spawn movie. If it wasn’t for the fact it was so damned cool, it would have sucked big time. But there was a man with a firey bobling skull in leathers with a big firey chain and a huge fairy skeleton bike…. Whats not to love about that????

I recommend going to see it, just don’t expected to be mentally challenged or moved.

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Farewell Stargate

Well its been and gone. I just finished watching the last ever episode of Stargate. And although as a one of episode it was pretty good, i have to say I’d have been disappointed if it weren’t for the fact that there are two feature length straight to DVD movies coming later in the year. It ties up what happens to the Asgard nicely and i doubt very much that we shall see them again. However my friend and I pretty much think that the next spin-off they have planned for the franchise is going to based on the ships rather than the Stargates, which should make for an interesting twist.

Ah another televisual chapter of life closes. I shed a single tear.

Can’t wait for the movies now. Whats your opinion?

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Connect Festival, Inveraray

As mentioned in the last post, I have a ticket for the Connect Festival which will take place for the first time this year in Inveraray Castle, Argyll on the 31st August – 2nd September.

There has been no line up announced yet but seemingly we shall hear more on the 19th March. This has lead to me scouring the inter webs for any rumours or tidbits on who shall be playing. It’s always heard to sift out what could be true and what isn’t. For example, names like Bjork to David Bowie and Belle and Sebastian to The Rolling Stones have been banded about so far. Also some people have suggested that the White Stripes may play due to there new album being released around that time. Others have also claimed that the reason for Muse not appearing on the T in the Park Line up is because Geoff Ellis has convinced them to do Connect instead. Another Legendary name that has been rumoured is Lou Reed and seeing that the website for Connect mentions the Velvet Underground as an influence, This one could be likely.

I think we shall see many Scots acts at the festival and more up and coming acts than T in the Park might. Possibilities being Idlewild, Belle and Sebastian and My latest Novel.

Again, if you have heard any rumours at all, then let me know and i will update the blog with the info.

Update : It has come to my attention that many are accessing this blog through search engines but you are only looking at this page. I have some update posts on the blog which i shall link to below :

Update 2

Update 3 

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Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to Scotland again…

…And it looks like i have a ticket. Yup thats right, Just got a call from my Cousin who informed me shes got priority for them through the fan club.

They are to play Hampden Park, Glasgow on the 23rd of August 2007. Tickets are priced at £40.00 with a £6.00 booking fee. Other support acts are to be announced as the Chilis bring their own brand of mini festival back to Scotland. You can get tickets here.

This is taking place the day before Leeds/Reading festivals kick off so it looks like we have ourselves the first definate Headliner for these events and also means there could be some interesting support for them at Hampden. Watch this space.

The last time the Chilis played a staduim gig in Scotland was in 2004 at Murryfield and i was lucky enough to be there as well. The support was awesome with Ash and N.E.R.D. warming up the crowd for the main event. I’d seen the Chilis once before at the S.E.C.C. in Glasgow and have to say that they were ten times better at Murrayfield. However saying that their perfomance at last years T in the Park wasn’t the best but i think it had something to do with them really not liking the cold, wet weather we had. Fingers crossed its warmer on the 23rd of August.

What a perfect way to start my build up to the Connect festival at the end of August. Get a couple more tickets for T on the Fringe and August could be an awesome gigging month. I already can not wait!

Feel free to comment if you have any rumours or info regarding this event or any other festivals/gigs and i will post the info up on the blog for all to see.

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The point of this Blog is…

…To let me do something semi constructive with some of my free time. It’s true. Basically, I am looking to blog about anything that interests, be it Computers, Video Games, Media, Art, Politics, Music etc. If you find any of these meandering posts interesting then feel free to come back and join me in time wasting!! Thank you.

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